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Developed, supported and serviced in Canada. Servicing both Official Languages.

Start Up Training

New childcarepro™ users are provided start-up training to help them get familiar with the system and allow them to quickly become independent.

Industry Leading Support

We strive to offer the best support options available in the industry today. You can find answers to your questions by clicking on the HELP icon while you are logged into the application, sending us an email or calling our Toll Free Telephone Number 1.866.231.7068.

Adaptive Training Programs

Our twenty years of computer training expertise have proven that recognizing the computer literacy of each user and adapting our training program specifically to their needs contributes to their overall success in using childcarepro™. Call us or send us an email request with your training needs.

Insightful Webinars

You play an important part in developing our future; the children in your centres. We want to help you be leaders in your field by offering you opportunities to participate in our webinars. Refer to our Events Calendar for upcoming webinars.

Live Presentations for Your Next Event

Our team is composed of experts in a number of different fields. It would be our pleasure to offer our expertise at your next event, professional development sessions, annual planning meeting, annual general meetings or other. Call us or send us an email request with your presentation needs.